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Leightons Win NHS Tender

  We are excited to announce that we have recently won a contract to supply & install me ..
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Posted: 06/04/2016

Multiple Displays @ Multiple Sites

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Leightons to commission & install 42”, 47” & ..
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Posted: 06/08/2014
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Projector Lamps Information

Any Make, Any Model

We supply replacement projector lamp /projector bulbs for all makes and models.

Our projector lamp suppliers are amongst the largest in Europe, so be sure that our prices are very competitive!


Information on lamps...

When replacing projector lamps, never touch the bulb with your fingers, as deposits from fingerprints cause hot spots on the glass and can cause the lamp to fail. Always handle with either a cloth or a pair of gloves.

Air Filters...

Air filters must be cleaned often to help circulation inside the projector. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty if the lamp fails prematurely.

Projector Shutdown...

The meeting has finished, you're in a hurry and the projector is taking an age to switch off completely, you unplug it before it's had chance to finish cooling. This could seriously damage your projector! Lamp temperatures reach many 1000's of degrees and unplugging it before the proper cooling process the projector goes through, can cause uneven cooling of the lamp. Resulting in a fracture and lamp failure.

Extend your lamp life...

To extend the life/hours of your projector lamp, apart from following the above. You can switch it to 'ECO' mode if possible. This reduces the brightness but extends the lamp life by up to 50% on some models.